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Posted by: LMI Webmaster
Published: 8/28/14

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Montebello Unified School District


Montebello Unified School District Subfinder: HERE

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First day of school is Monday August 25, 2014.

Welcome to back to school everyone.


Block 1 room assignments are available as a PDF on the right.

Just click on your grade level to download this file.


New TOSA Position Available
Multiple TOSA openings are available for an MUSD TOSA at MHS, ATC, and EAI.

Closing date is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

Please read the attached PDF for more information. Continue
Posted by: LMI Webmaster
Published: 8/25/14

Message from our Principal

Montebello Unified School District

La Merced Intermediate School

Michael Ladjevic, Principal David Hernandez, Assistant Principal Leticia Garcia, Program Specialist

215 East Avenida De La Merced ...more

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Welcome to La Merced Intermediate School


First Day of School - Class List